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Cách Cần Thơ bạn đi theo hướng QL1A. Quãng đường từ Cần Thơ đi Sóc Trăng có tổng chiều dài khoảng 60km với thời gian đi là khoảng 1h30 nếu đi xe máy và 45p nếu đi ô tô. Nơi đây có sự giao thoa văn hóa giữa các dân tộc Hoa – Kinh – Khmer và người ch


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E então Daniel fez 12! A paixão por fusca e Kombi foi tema da festa dessa vez. Decoração: ideia minha com itens da Kombi Mundika @acelerapromundo Móveis, louças e algodão doce: @claricesilva165 Topo de bolo Biscuit + caixas de acrílico fusquinha:


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My wife and have having been doing yoga together since the start of 2020. Not because we had a resolution to do it but because we wanted to do something active together. Having a strong relationship with your significant other is important. It is eve


Do you have short nails? Brittle nails? Not comfortable with long nails? . . If you're any of the above, in this series we will feature nail art ideas which look great on short nails. . . Let nothing hold you back! Get pretty nail art ideas for short


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My best friend, my amigo, my bf Hangin out, watching You Shoot us Some Netflix recommendations🦋


This little dude right here has heart. He has a carefree and loving personality. He likes what he likes regardless what anyone thinks. He has a heart of gold and a positive outlook on life. He may only be 10 but I look up to him in a lot of ways. Aga