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For anyone that has ever wondered about all of my camera gear, this ones for you! Every item in my bag, including my bag! The only addition I have to this is that my E-M1 X did arrive from Olympus and I have one of those in my kit now, as well as the


🇯🇵 Omoide Yokocho in Shinjuku 1. in winter setting ️ (right now) 2. in autumn setting (November) 3. in spring setting (April) Which one is your favorite?


31so grateful for this year. I used to be ashamed of my age, but I know now - it just keeps getting better :)


Moments before the fjord frozed up...


#debeersgrouppartner - I never feel more alive and happy when I’m on safari, out tracking wildlife or exploring the great outdoors. The red sands and sparse trees of the Okavango Delta in Botswana spoke to my soul and was the reminder that I needed


Momijigari literally means "autumn leaves hunting" in japanese. Sometimes locals find their perfect branch and just enjoy it's short lasting perfection. I guess this visit I found my perfect branch in Nara! Danielkordan.com photography workshop in J


The Flatiron Building: Where Marilyn Monroe had her famous "dress moment" #localtip : Spend some time at the nearby Madison Square Park for some of NYC's best people watching! Have you been here before?! (: @ryanmillier : Flatiron Building, #nyc )


We Are Travel Girls Pocket Guide To Bratislava, Slovakia brought to you by Jenni @hoopla_adventures. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Make sure that you hit the SAVE tab on this post so you have it handy when you reach Bratislava! ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ This pocket guide contains a quick backg


Chocolate milk & Oreos. From a few thousand feet up the world looks very different. At times different enough to possibly even change the way you think & feel this planet of ours. . Excited to be sharing this body of work all next week through slide


Have you ever reached the top of a climb and wished there was a zipline down? ... me too. Watch till the end to see the full exposure. We climbed the ridge from the bottom starting at first light. You can see a tiny car driving on the canyon floor f


I’ve been staring at this picture for the last 15 min, following each narrow valley and imagining how it would feel to walk through it. Near infinite possibilities but not one would be a bad choice..


Yesterday’s breathtaking hike into the clouds with @gypsealaysea. Angles Landing, Zion National Park! This is one of my favorite day hikes in the country, have you done it or would you like to? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


A while ago I was lucky enough to join @lifeflightnz on a training day in Wellington Life Flight is a charity in New Zealand that provides emergency air services around the country from rescue choppers to air ambulances. Their work is inspiring and


Welcome to Palcoyo, Peru! A magical place where llamas walk over rainbows Comment below if Peru 🇵🇪 is now on your bucket list! (: @hiltondavila : Palcoyo, Peru)


Paddling through a painting. The fall colors in the swamp would change so much depending on the light. @everchanginghorizon and I probably paddled it 3 times a day just to watch the ways the moss would turn golden, or more bluish gray, and on this pa


I was asked by @montblanc  Fragrances to think of one of my favorite places to reconnect with myself when I feel the need for it. Without hesitation, this place has to be Iceland. A land of contrasts in all its forms. Every year I make a point to retu


🇯🇵 My longest stay in Japan so far is now over. Almost 2 months, I think I really have to learn to speak properly Japanese now. I will come back very soon for sure and I will continue to share photos obviously!


As the days of this decade count down, can we collectively ask, “Where did time go?” Those endless summer days of childhood seemed to last forever, yet the older we grow, the busier we become and the quicker the days, weeks, and months seem to fly by


Well, throughout my 6 years of guiding photography tours in Japan, I was struggling only with this amazing spot in Hakone. Somehow it was always cloudy and mount Fujisan never show up while I was staying here. As Japanese say you always will return b